Liebster Award

Assalamualaikum and hello :D

Finnalleh I can update my blog huhu, exam menyebabkan Fisha takde masa nak berblogging TT^TT. Sad life huhu. Thank you for blogger yang tag Fisha dalam Liebster Award ni hehe :D


  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog. 
  • Answer the 11 questions asked. 
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential. 
  • Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer. 
  • Notify your nominate
Question from kak Izzaty

1.If you were famous, what would you be famous for?
I would be famous for bussiness, hahaha XD

2.If one day you live a life like Maria Elena, what would you do?
Wow, I can't imagine it, hehe ):

3.What is the best thing you could find in my blog? <>
Your doodle and entry ! I love it huhu.

4.Would you cut your toe for Internet?
No, I love my toe than Internet haha.

5.What do you think if you have a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone without having Internet connection?
Sad life lah, I can't imagine my life without internet connection.

6. Do you think Nepal guys are handsome? xD
Nepal guys ? For me, semua ciptaan Allah semuanya hensem hensem dan cantik-cantik belaka.

7.Samson buys 3 erasers for Clara and 2 rulers for Jack. So, how long is Clara's hair? xD
Confused, ask Jack because dia ada rulers huhu.

8.What is the smallest crime you've ever commit? (Ex: Tahu ada kawan meniru waktu exam, tapi buat takdek dan join sekaki)
Tick " I read the agreements and term conditions " dan yang seangkatan dengan nya.  Eden selalu buat kalau nak register apa-apa hoho.

9.What do you think of a girl who've never been to a cinema?
Humph, biasa lahlah.

10. Don't you think I'm crazy? o.O
No lah, kak Zaty comel :)

11. Which question is so hard and stewpid to you?
Paling susah ofc yang nombor 7 tu, haha. There is no stupid question, hehe.

Question from kak Eikin

1. How long you have been blogging?
Around 5-6 months :)

2. In your purse rw , how much money that you got?
RM20 haha, sikitkan, Fisha ni asyik membeli je ._.

3. Your crush name started with what alphabet?
I don't have a crush hehe :(

4. List 2 songs that you doesn't know what the song means by.
 - Lagu ending Shin Chan although dah lama tengok kartun tu ._.
 - Comeback Home by 2NE1 sebab baru dengar tadi hehe.

5. Doraemon or Shin Chan?
I prefer Doraemon hoho.

6. Your dream house?
Lives in castle like a king haha.

7. Being a teacher or a police officer?
Teacher because I always dream I will be a teacher one day.

8. Name of your favourite singer / band ?
EXO ! :D

9. What is your talent but it's weird in people eyes?
I don't get any talent so far. But I think my talent is cakap laju lah sampai orang tak faham.

10. How was your feeling when you have to answer all of these questions?
Excited ! :)

Question from kak Zakira

1. Describe yourself in five words.
Weird, cakap sangat laju, gopoh-gapah, friendly and cute *haha perasan pulak*

 2. What do you want to be in the future? State your reasons.
I want to be Programmer. My ICTL teacher, Mrs Siti Zubaidah ada cakap pasal kerjaya ni, menghadap depan komputer tapi kepala memang stress sikit tapi gaji banyak haha. Banyak tapi eh.

 3. Do you prefer to study abroad or in Malaysia? What course? And why?
I don't have experience about study abroad, but I prefer to study abroad. I can gain new experience and I still can communicate with my family using Facebook, whatsapp etc.

 4. Do you watch Running Man? Hehe if yes, can you mention which one do you like? Describe him/her.
Yes, Yoo Jae Suk the grasshopper. I don't know what I like him, I think he is a mulut murai because he always talk and talk.

 5. The best kdrama that you had watch?
So far, Ugly Alerts :)

 6. State your activity during your leisure.
Eating, sleeping and blogging :)

 7. Have you been frustrated with someone in your life? Tell us why
Takde rasanya. Kalau dia frust dengan Fisha pun biarlah dia. hehe.

 8. What will you do if you sad and frust?
Eating because I think automatik sad dengan frust tu hilang.

 9. How old do you want to get married? And tell us what are you dreams for theme's wedding.
Hmmmm I don't know lah, hihi pemikiran Fisha tak sampai ke situ pulak dah.

 10. If you feel lonely, what will you do?
Sleeping, eheh kuat tidur Fisha ni hehe.

 11. Can you describe honestly about my blog? Hehe. Thank you :)
Blog kak Zakira cantik, header dia cantik :) Entry pun best-best.

Question from Syu

1. If you're rich. What would you spend on your money?
Bagi duit dekat parents since Fisha ni pemboros haha.

 2. What wish you want to become true/real?
Go to Mekkah :)

 3. If you can teleport to somewhere. Where do you want actually to go?
EXO dorm haha.

 4. What is your weird habits?
Cakap laju, kadang-kadang melatah.

 5. Who gives you inspiration to blogging?
Fatin Liyana :)

 6. Between your father and your mother, who do you loves most?
I love both :)

7. What is your favourite food?
Apa-apa je asalkan emak yang masak haha.

 8. What usually you do, if you're nothing to do?
Sleeping, hahaha.

 9. Who's close enough to you?
My mother kalau dalam family sebab dia faham perasaan anak-anak dia kankan

10. Describe about yourself.
Weird, cakap laju, pemalas, suka perasan dan comel hahaha.

 11. What is your weight? ( be honest! )
39kg ._.

Hihi, thank you for tag me, I will answer the next question dalam entry baru.


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zakira afina said...

huhuu thnankyouuuu! haihhh 39 kg? okke laa tuu :)